A Telco Finds Security

Looking for ways to expand their offering, Telmex, Mexico’s largest telco, decided to seek a partner who could provide them with a ready-to-go smart home solution.

We began a consultative relationship to help them home in on an initial set of products and services, and soon settled on home security as a top priority for their customers. Over the ensuing months we iterated rapidly on a set of customized features for the application, and then combined the app with our controllers and a curated set of 3rd party products.

The result? RuMY, now one of Mexico’s most widely distributed smart security solutions for homes and businesses. Telmex is currently adding new products to its RuMY portfolio, and hopes to begin offering professional security monitoring services, as well. Telmex is a perfect example of a massive company that’s nimble enough to adapt to a changing landscape and deliver services that increase the lifetime value of their customers.

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