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Home Control

An entertainment technology company wanted to offer its customers a broader smart home solution, and used the MiOS controllers and platform as a way to bridge connectivity to their remote control product line.

Energy Monitoring

After creating their own UI for a clean energy subscription service, one startup used MiOS to build a demand response system that monitors appliances and automatically reduces energy use during peak hours on the grid.

Property Management

One company built an asset management and monitoring system, using the connectivity of the MiOS controllers and platform to track activity in empty units and ensure that problems don’t go unnoticed.

Mark Samuel

Energy Management One Step At A Time

Constellation, a subsidiary of Exelon, America’s leading energy provider, wanted to develop a smart energy management solution for its customers. Lacking expertise in the world of consumer IoT, however, they began a search for a partner. After wading through a field of 15 possibilities, they chose MiOS due to the breadth of our offering and … Continued

Pioneering Property Management

BeHome247 was one of the first companies to create a cloud-based, keyless entry and property management system that could integrate with platforms like Airbnb and VRBO. Several years ago, after finding themselves in need of a new platform on which to run their system, they sought out MiOS. Their app, as previously configured, would not … Continued

Preparing Wellness For An Unknown Future

Nobody knows what technologies will be available twenty years from now, so Delos, the world’s first holistic in-home wellness platform figures they might as well be prepared for anything. Like MiOS, Delos’s vision for the world is a marketplace of apps that can fill any need that might arise for a person, company, or service—in … Continued