Mar 12, 2019

Hotels Get In Bed With Wellness Tech

Whether it’s tracking your activity while you’re awake or finding ways to help you sleep better, companies everywhere are using wellness technology to offer their customers a healthier lifestyle. Last month the New York Times published an article about how hotels are adopting new standards for indoor air quality. The article features our friends at Delos, which has created the “Stay Well” room designation that’s been adopted by global chains like Wyndham, Marriott, and MGM Grand.

Today, most of the wellness tech offerings are single-purpose products. But imagine a sleep monitor that could communicate with lighting and climate control systems in order to ensure both are optimized for a person’s circadian rhythms. In the not too distant future, this will be the norm, not the exception that it is today.

Read the NYT article here, then check out our Industries page to see how we’re helping Delos to prepare for a more connected future—and how we’re helping to turn the example above into a reality.