Preparing Wellness For An Unknown Future

Nobody knows what technologies will be available twenty years from now, so Delos, the world’s first holistic in-home wellness platform figures they might as well be prepared for anything.

Like MiOS, Delos’s vision for the world is a marketplace of apps that can fill any need that might arise for a person, company, or service—in their case, all related to areas of wellness.

The first step toward realizing that future is to create different ways for people to give commands, which could then be paired with an API that serves as a translator for cloud services and 3rd party devices. To achieve this, they sought out MiOS and asked for an engine that can parse natural language and turn it into the kinds of commands that devices can understand. This work is still in its nascent stages, but when complete, the MiOS platform and its underlying natural language processing will form the foundation of the Delos wellness offering.

Our work with Constellation is now in a pilot phase. Their white-labeled starter kits are available in much of the United States, and should they succeed in finding traction, they plan to roll out the offering across other divisions of Exelon in the near future.

Richard Brenson CEO at Telco

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