BareMetrics Integration

aremetrics provides one-click, zero-setup metrics, forecasting and engagement tools for SaaS companies.

Supported triggers and actions

Delete Subscription

Deletes subscription by given subscription_oid

Update Subscription

Updates plan_oid for given subscription_oid


Show Subscription

Shows a subscription by given subscription_oid.

List Subscription

Get all subscriptions linked to this API Key.


Create Subscription

Creates a new Subscription.

Delete Customer

Deletes a customer if has no subscription.


Update Customer

This endpoint allows you to update the basic information stored on a Customer, such as name, email and notes.

Show Customer

Shows a customer by given customer_oid.


List Customer

Fetch a list of all customers on your account.

Create Customer

Creates a new Customer.


Delete Plan

Deletes a plan.

Update Plan

Renames a plan.


Show Plan

Shows a plan by given plan_oid.

List Plans

List all plans by given source_id.


List Sources

Each Plan, Customer, Subscription and Charge belongs to a source. A source can be Payment Provider or the Baremetrics API.

Create Plan

Create a plan for use when creating or updating subscriptions.


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