Introducing Meshbots

Automation is the beating heart of the MiOS operating system, and meshbots are how you automate tasks beyond what you previously thought possible. 

Meshbots are the work-horse applications of MiOS, using ‘If-Then’ rules to define what happens when a specific trigger event occurs. You can create meshbots to control smart-devices, send notifications to multiple users and channels, integrate cloud services to transform your day-to-day workflows, and more. Meshbots can operate in the cloud or locally on edge devices.

There are three types of meshbot you can create:

All Automations - Alfie Notifications - Nellie Interactions - Izzy
Automations - Alfie

These can connect any device, app or service to any other device, app or service. Automation bots can be triggered by a device, by a time schedule, by a service, by a script, or by an expression. These triggers can initiate tasks, or ‘actions’, within target apps, services or devices. As a simple example, you can create a meshbot to automatically turn the lights on (action) when a motion detector detects movement (trigger). Or you could set up a scene whereby all security features in your smart-home are enabled once you leave the house.

Notifications - Nellie

Notification bots let you send alerts and updates to users/services/apps and devices, over multiple channels (email/text/in-app/voice call etc). These bots notify target entities of when and where the actions of all your automation tasks are taking place. The bot scales to let you create anything from a simple messaging task up to a comprehensive, policy-based notification framework for enterprise integration and automation tasks.

Interactions - Izzy

Drag-and-drop flowchart elements to automatically create meshbots. Easily visualize and build relationships between apps, devices and services with this intuitive, no-code, meshbot creator.

Anyone can build a Meshbot in under 2 minutes

Click and build

Extremely easy to use query builder interface to create meshbots without writing a single line of code.

Flow and build

Drag-and-drop flowchart elements to visually create your meshbots. No fiddling with drop-down menus, no squinting at arcane scripts – just intuitive, no-code meshbot creation where each option is explained right before your eyes

Custom code build

For the advanced users and tinkerers, of course we got your back! You want to write custom code and inject it, no problem! We have built the capability to inject code into meshbots in-app, easily and quickly.

Connect, automate and visualize easily now.