Integrate Anything.
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The only operating system that runs in the Cloud and at the Edge, designed to automate, integrate, and visualize any device, service, app or IoT.

Welcome to the world of seamless integration and automation

Connect any Application-Service-Device to any Application-Service-Device, then Automate and Visualize. We’ve freed the siloed host of applications, services, and electronic devices that, until now, wouldn’t talk to each other.

MiOS Integration Guarantee

Any Service, Application, or Device you can’t find in our platform, let us know, We Guarantee to have it up and running ASAP!

MiOS Automation Guarantee:

If your imagine is wild enough to find an Automation use case we don’t cater for, We Guarantee that we will update our platform in 90 days

MiOS Visualize Guarantee:

You want to create a visual you can't find, let us know, we'll empower the platform so that you can

All of this is done efficiently, while easily managing the data and flow with simple and easy steps. MiOS helps you Integrate, Automate, Visualize at scale!

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Introducing MeshBots, your connection between the software and hardware worlds.

These are the workers we call MeshBots. Meshbots go to work for you in the cloud or on your device. They can not only execute in the Cloud but they can also execute on Edge Computing.

There are 3 types of Meshbot, each with their own unique purpose

Automation MeshBot

Alfie can connect any app to any other app, service, or device and create automations. How does he do it? He starts by configuring an app to initiate what’s called a “trigger.” That trigger then initiates an “action” from another app, a service, or a device. This series of events is an automation, which is why Alfie is our Automation Meshbot. Alfie is very good at automations and, in fact, has yet to find a use case that he can’t automate. Which is why we’re able to offer an Automation Guarantee. Think you have a use case he can’t handle? Give him a try!

Notification MeshBots

The policy-based notification framework for integration and automation tasks is as important as the tasks themselves, so Nellie takes notifications very seriously! Nellie is in charge of notifications and specializes in keeping track of the apps, devices, and services that Alfie is automating and then, letting the user know when and where Alfie’s triggers and actions are taking place. Without notifications, no one knows what’s happening and Nellie certainly does not want that to happen!

Interaction MeshBot

Izzy is the artsy Meshbot and he is as carefree as can be. His role is to make sure that every interaction goes as smoothly as possible. He’s happy when you’re happy! He is an extremely laid back Meshbot whose goal in life is simple; to help build happy, stable relationships… not between humans, of course, but apps, devices, and services. He follows Bruce “Tog” Tognazzini and Jakob Nielsen on Twitter and is an avid reader of anything to do with UX.

Anyone can build MeshBots under 2 minutes

We provide two different Cloud based Development Studios both are extremely easy to use and lighting fast!

We run the operating system for the connected and automated world!

Launch MeshBots either in Cloud or at the Edge for any department, across your enterprise, in minutes!

Solutions for everyone

For Individuals

Create a truly intelligent smart home by creating automations that make your life more comfortable, more secure and more convenient. Turn-on your lights and the TV after you open the garage door when returning from work, adjust your AC whenever your thermostat detects the room is too hot, make music play in your bathroom as soon as you turn on the shower light.
MiOS works seamlessly with the devices you own — the only limit is your imagination.

For Developers

From the edge to the cloud, we make it easy for developers to build custom plugins to integrate MiOS with any app, service or device. Extend MiOS with plugins to control your existing meshbots or add support for entirely new devices. Our no-coding, drag-and-drop development environment lets you quickly create your custom plugin and get to market fast.

Teams & Companies

MiOS makes it easy to automate day-to-day tasks to increase individual productivity and free your team members to focus on other tasks. Collaborate, share and automate to create a workflow that transforms the way your team runs forever. You’ll also get the advanced admin controls, user permissions and EDR security features demanded by today’s businesses.

Mios adapts easily to your specific needs

Connect, automate and visualize easily now.

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